Terms of services

  • Article 1

    1. The subject of the Regulations is to present the terms of cooperation between NZOZ Biomol-Med LLC, and a person cooperating with the Company, hereinafter referred to as Partner.
    2. The Partner declares the willingness to cooperate through the Biomol-Med online system by filling out the contact form and accepting the present Regulations.
    3. The Partner shall pay a registration fee of PLN 40 to Biomol-Med, which is payable by credit card / e-transfer immediately after completing the contact form via www.partner.biomol.pl web site. The Partner receives a starter package via email within the activation fee.
    4. The Partner shall receive from Biomol-Med registration number, login and password by e-mail.
    5. The partner is a website user and can not provide access data to third parties

    Article 2

    1. The price of analysis shall be determined by Biomol-Med. The first analysis is paid in full (updated pricelist is available at www.biomol.pl). After the first analysis, the Partner will receive a discount for future tests.
    2. Elemental Hair Analysis - Health Programme must be the first analysis performed under this agreement.
    3. Discounted prices of analysis are provided in an individual partner profile (https://partner2.biomol.pl). The price of a service for third parties (which are not listed in the present agreement) shall not be lower than the prices published on the Biomol-Med website.
    4. The price for analysis may be changed within 1 month (30 days) of notification of such change to
    the Partner.
    5. The third parties (not specified in this agreement) shall not be informed about the discount from
    the current regular price published at the website of Biomol-Med.
    6. The price of the service for third parties (not specified in this agreement) shall not be lower than
    the prices published at the website of Biomol-Med.
    7. The failure to comply with the terms specified above can result in termination of the agreement with immediate effect by Biomol-Med.

    Article 3

    1. Partner orders analysis only at partner2.biomol.pl by clicking on Your Analysis tab.
    2. Study order:
    a. click "+ Add a new study",
    b. fill in the form,
    c. save the entered data,
    d. go to the "Orders" tab
    e. select the study for which you want to pay,
    f. click "Pay",
    g. after correct payment authorization, you will receive an e-mail with a pin number and a link to the electronic questionnaire,
    h. click on the link, enter the pin and fill in the questionnaire or forward an email to the patient.
    3. The partner sends only to the headquarters of Biomol-Med a hair sample signed with the examination number along with the name and surname of the patient.
    4. The Partner must be the payer for the examination. Overpayments made by third parties will not be refunded.
    5. The material to be tested will be sent to Biomol-Med at the Partner's expense.
    6. Biomol-Med will perform tests and their descriptions within 15 working days of receipt of the sample for analysis, to which an electronic questionnaire has been completed.
    7. The result of elemental analysis in electronic form will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the test order. Printed version

    Article 4

    1. Changes to these Regulations can be made via e-mail or can be made public. A change is considered to be confirmed if the Partner does not terminate the Agreement within one month from the notification.
    2. If, within 12 months from the date of this Agreement or of the day of ordering of last analysis Biomol-Med will not receive order for new analysis from the Partner then the Agreement shall be deemed terminated as of the last day of such 12 month period - blocking a card.
    3. Each activation of a blocked card – 30 PLN(from September 1st 2014).
    4. The Agreement can be terminated by either party on the basis of a written termination notice after 30 days of notice period and balancing any accounts.
    5. Any use of the name of the company or the TRADEMARK or educational as well as information materials of Biomol-Med shall require prior, written consent of Biomol-Med Management Board.
    6. Using any parts of the result to Partner’s own commercial purposes shall result in the immediate termination of the contract.

    Article 5

    1. The Partner shall comply with all terms and conditions contained in the Rules for Cooperation and maintain confidentiality of all business secrets of Biomol-Med acquired in the course of concluding and in connection with execution of this Agreement, during the term and after termination hereof. This also apply to the price terms provided for herein.
    2. The Partner shall provide protection of personal data of its clients in accordance with the law, in particular with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.
    3. The Partner shall reveal to Biomol-Med the personal data, and Biomol-Med shall process this data only for the purposes of performance of the Agreement and only in the scope of the Agreement.
    4. Each party shall organize and maintain the safety measures and procedures which will be practically possible for safe storage of the data receive form the other party, and make every effort to prevent any unauthorized use, disclosure or access to this data by unauthorized persons.
    5. The confidentiality duty does not apply to the situation when disclosure of the data is required by the mandatory provisions of law.
    6. In the event of breach of provisions contained in Article 5 this Agreement may be terminated with immediate effect, after settlement of all due payments.

    Article 6

    1. All issues not covered herein are subject to the provisions of the Civil Code.

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